ePal's Students Speak Contest

Many environmental science student's entered the following contest on ePals.  You can find links to their submissions below.

Students Speak! Contest

Countdown to Copenhagen

In December, 2009, scientists and world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen Denmark to talk about climate change and decide what countries should do to address the problem.
Now, imagine that you were asked to address these leaders. What would you say? What actions would you ask them to take? What would you want them to know about what students think? What matters to you about climate change, forests, energy, and global cooperation? There’s a catch – you only have one minute! 60 precious seconds.

So study up at the TeamEarth Focus Area and then get creative. Write a song, a poem or a speech. Make a video. Show world leaders what ePals have to say!

Format:Audio or Video (1 minute – not more)
Written (200 words)
PowerPoint presentation (7 slides – not more)

Links to upload student submissions:

Terra D., Kendra S., Sarah S. - http://www.epals.com/media/p/209468.aspx

Thanks for putting in a submission!