Personal Learning Networks

Note: I will no longer be updating this section of this website. Please visit Personal Learning Networks section on the Ed Tech Resources Page for more information. 

Personal Learning Networks

There is a wealth of information to be found online about using technology in the classroom.  Many teachers are keeping blogs, nings, and twittering about how and why they incorporate 21st century skill into their curriculum.  By creating a twitter account, subscribing to various blogs, and joining a few ning networks you create your own personal learning network (PLN).  I have added a few gadgets below that can get you started in creating your own PLN.  These resources will open a wealth of new doors and educational possibilities for any educator interested in 21st century learning.  

  1. The first gadget is an RSS feed reader listing a few of the blogs I read on a regular basis.  
  2. The second gadget is another RSS feed reader of #edchat's twitter updates. 
  3. The third gadget is a slide show on creating your own PLN.  This presentation recommends some tools I do not personally use, but I think it is a good starting point.  

Blogs I Read

Twitter Edchat Monitor

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Creating Your Own PLN

My Personal Learning Network

Below you find badges for the two educational ning networks to which I belong.  99% of the members are educators and discussions, forums, and posts focus on education.  

You can also visit my blog, Ed Tech in the Classroom at


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