Moodle Resources

Below you find many screencast that I have put together explaining how to set up and use Moodle.  I have also included some other relevant materials by other authors on using Moodle.  As always, ask questions or request help on a topic not listed.  

Technology in the Classroom

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DescriptionLink to Screencast
DescriptionLink to Screencast
Adding Groups to Moodle 
Changing from default week format to topic view 
File Management in Moodle 
Limiting Visible Topics and Using Student View 
Editing Your Profile 
Using Online Assignments 
Grading Online Text Assignments 
Having Students Upload Assignments 
Adding Resources (Labels) 
Adding Resources (Links) 
Adding Resources (Documents, PowerPoints, Pictures, etc.) 
Adding a Course Title 
What is the Data Base Activity 
Video Tutorial - Creating a Database, by Tomaz Lasic's 
Using Moodle: 2nd Ed Book by Jason Cole and Helen Foster 
Showing 15 items